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In addition to providing Chemists & Chemical Engineer Consultants a comprehensive and cost effective Professional Liability Insurance Program, Hays provides access to a variety of risk management tools.

Articles - Access articles on risk management and chemical practice issues.

Claim Scenarios - Read summaries of real lawsuits brought against consulting chemists & chemical engineers.

Contract Tips 
- Use this reference when you are constructing your own contract.

Understanding Insurance - Review common insurance questions.

Glossary - View important insurance definitions relevant to your plan.

Links - Find related sites of interest.

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Member Testimonials

" The turn-around-time for processing forms, the courtesy, and the assistance your company has provided have all exceeded expectations.  
It should also be noted that the price for the insurance is less than going with a private provider. Having the insurance has been a critical tool for us to continue our work." 
Kestrel Environmental Technologies, Inc.
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