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Chemical Educators Legal Liability 

The Board of Trustees, Group Insurance Plans for ACS Members is pleased to announce that the Member Insurance Program will be providing a Chemical Educators Legal Liability policy customized for ACS educators. Educators can no longer assume that their institution or current educators legal liability policy will defend them should a lawsuit arise from their academic duties. ACS and Lloyds of London built a plan to address the needs of chemical educators. The new plan specifically covers Contingent Bodily Injury, Pollution Liability, Employment Practices and Sexual Harassment within the policy.

The new Chemical Educators Legal Liability plan will help educators protect themselves against risks within classrooms, teaching and research labs and community outreach activities. The plan provides broad coverage to address the exposures of high school, undergrad and instructional staff and faculty employed by private, public, charter and higher educational institutions.

  Key Features:
  • The Chemical Educators Legal Liability serves as primary insurance for individuals, over and above the coverage provided by the institution
  • A liability limit of $1 million from professional liability lawsuits
  • Sublimit  at $500,000 for Pollution Liability with option to increase limit to $1,000,000
  • Sublimit  of $500,000 for Contingent Liability with option to increase limit to $1,000,000
  • Sublimit  of $25,000 for Sexual Harassment
  • Sublimit  of $250,000 for Intellectual Property
  • Plan covers claims brought against an insured and reported to the insurer during the policy term
   Whats Covered?
  •  Injuries to students and other persons for whom the Insured is responsible such as Research/Teaching Assistants and employees of the institution who  work under your supervision (Contingent Liability)
  •  Property damage 
  •  Pollution liability
  •  Defamation and personal injury 
  •  Sexual misconduct  
  •  Wrongful employment practices 
  •  Intellectual property   

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It should also be noted that the price for the insurance is less than going with a private provider. Having the insurance has been a critical tool for us to continue our work." 
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