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As a consulting chemists or chemical engineer , you should have your own Professional Liability Insurance policy. Even if you receive Professional Liability coverage through an employer, odds are you will not be insured for any independent consulting work or training/instruction you perform outside the scope of your official position.

The ACS & AIChE endorsed Professional Liability Insurance program was specifically crafted for consulting members and features the broad breadth of coverage required of a chemical and chemical engineer consultant. Conceived through discussions with the CEO of a leading insurance syndicate in the Lloyds of London market, the Chemical Professionals Purchasing Group (CPPG) was established.

Each individual or business entity engaged as a consulting chemist or chemical engineer operating in any state or the District of Columbia, who is a member of American Chemical Society or the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, is eligible for participation in the Professional Liability Insurance program.    

NOTE: Coverage is being offered by the Chemical Professionals Purchasing Group (CPPG), a risk purchasing group that was established for members of the American Chemical Society (ACS) and the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE), and that by an ACS or AIChE member completing an application and purchasing the insurance, they are becoming members of the CPPG.

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" The turn-around-time for processing forms, the courtesy, and the assistance your company has provided have all exceeded expectations.  
It should also be noted that the price for the insurance is less than going with a private provider. Having the insurance has been a critical tool for us to continue our work." 
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